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a more effective way to carry out public purchase

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What do you need to know?

Get to know the essential legal obligations, which apply while supplying products, services or labour through the CPO LT and when concluding major contracts with buyers

Before participating in the contest

  • The catalogue suppliers are selected by a public contest.
  • Preliminary product or services supply contracts through the catalogue are done by the procedures of the international public contest, in accordance with the public purchase law of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • The contests for supplies are initiated and done by CPO LT, taking into account the needs of purchase organizations and centralization capabilities.
  • The contests are done by electronic means in the Public purchase service (VPT) system CVP IS.

Before participating in the CPO LT catalogue

  • The major contract can be concluded only after the supplier of the renewed catalogue is informed that his proposal is the winning one and he was chosen to conclude the major contract.
  • A supplier cannot terminate an announced order.
  • The supplier, who is informed in the catalogue about his proposal being the winning one, must shall conclude a major contract with a buyer, except for exceptions foreseen in the preliminary contract, on the basis of which the major contract is being done, conditions.
  • The supplier by concluding a major contract has no right to change terms that are formed in the catalogue.
  • The supplier agrees that the CPO LT has the right to terminate an order up to the conclusion of the major contract, if the foreseen conditions are met in the preliminary contract, on the basis of which the order is done.
  • A supplier in order to terminate an order because of a preliminary contract, on the basis of which the order is done, on the reason that is indicated in the terms, needs to inform CPO LT about it.
  • A supplier, after a major contract for signing, needs to sign it and give a copy of it back to the buyer not later than 5 (five) working days.
  • If the supplier refuses to sign the contract the CPO LT will not terminate the order, the CPO LT has the right to terminate a preliminary contract concluded with a supplier.
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